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I am immensely grateful for Shawn's guidance during a challenging period at work. Their tarot card readings, spiritual insights, meditation guidance, and gratitude circles provided the solace and clarity I desperately needed. Shawn's empathy and accuracy in their readings were uncanny, offering me profound insights into my situation, and their meditation guidance helped me find inner peace. Remarkably, Shawn's predictions unfolded as they had shared, empowering me to navigate my workplace challenges confidently. Shawn's support has been transformative, and I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking guidance and emotional healing. Thank you, Shawn, for being a beacon of light in my life.

Satya C - Tarot and Meditation

Chip has a very calm and accepting style about him. I feel safe and he makes it easy for me to relax and show up authentically in his presence. I'm not afraid to get it "wrong" when I'm working with Chip, he makes me feel like everything about me is ok, allowed, embraced.

Kasey S - Meditation Class

Shawn has a natural kindness that immediately put me at ease and allowed me to open my mind to the process. The trust he brought out in me provided an instant calming effect and set the stage for me to ask real questions that have been pressing; questions that I am not sure I have said out loud to anyone other than family. This is a direct reflection of how Shawn makes you feel safe and heard. The information that was presented to me in my reading was very on point and consistent with some recent questions I have been focusing on. After my reading with Shawn, I felt a sense of clarity and was motivated to address the information that was discussed.

Kerin R - Tarot

This was my first introduction to mindfulness and meditation. That being said, I feel the class was well structured and helpful in giving me the proper introductory tools. I can admit to not being the best at Zoom interactions/classes. However, I thought this class was beneficial in setting me up for future meditation success.

Chris R - Meditation Class

Soul searching? Need to calm your thoughts or gain clarity? Shawn’s sweet, soothing, assuring guidance and keen insight helped put me on track to my dream job. Shawn's positive energy is contagious and will lift you!

Chip actively listens to his students and responds on the spot, follows up with additional tools, reading materials. Very encouraging--demonstrates patience and emphasizes the need to be patient with oneself when it comes to mindfulness meditation.

Jen Z - Tarot and MediTation

I gravitate to Chip's style! His calm tone and extra care to explain not only the "what" but also the "why" made me feel prepared and comfortable. Thanks also for sharing handouts to those of us who were remote - these are things I will revisit!

Shannon C - Meditation Retreat

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